Thursday, 8 January 2015

Agincourt anniversary 1415-2015

Six hundred years have passed since the Battle of Agincourt, so I thought I should paint some archers as a tribute. Perry Miniatures released their Agincourt period English Army plastic figures at the tail end of last year. I'll be adding to this one as I go along...

Detail of the archers frame from the Perry Miniatures set.

One of the archers in the early stages of painting.

A bit more done. Work continues!

Don't worry, 'e's armless!

Nice yew discs to use as bases.

A completed anniversary figure.

The next two figures ready to go on the bench. I like the shouty one on the left ...

... and here he is!

The great thing about plastic figures is that they are easily converted. One of the arms on the frame has a broken bow and coupled with a bit of butchering and glueing I came up with a two finger salute.
"I've broke me bow, but uppeth yours anyway!" Opinion is divided on the two finger salute theory, but it will make a nice figure. He's next for painting.

What can I say, medieval archery, well it's a special interest of mine. I probably paint more archers than anything else. Here's some Wargames Foundry figures from a while back.

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