Saturday, 3 January 2015

History in 28mm

This blog is about my on and off passion for painting little medieval soldiers. 28mm scale is very popular with gamers and collectors. There is a huge selection of manufacturers, and as many historical and fantasy ranges as you care to mention. I have dabbled with figures from the Jacobite Rebellion, Napoleonic and WW2 periods, but this blog will concentrate on 15th/16th century. I will predominantly be using Perry Miniatures figures.

Hard plastic figures from Perry. Assembly required before painting. Quality and detail is excellent.

During this late medieval period the battlefield was changing with the increased use of black powder weapons, both 'handgonnes' and 'ordonnance' - guns and cannons to you and me. Depending on their nationality, armies favoured different weapons and developed their tactics to fit those weapons. The English relied on 'bows and bills', the Scots favoured the spear, but used bows and crossbows too. Both were keen on the new fangled artillery.

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