Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mini Moments #1

King James II of Scotland with his standard bearer and herald.  Known as 'Fiery Face', due to a large birthmark which covered most of the left side of his face, James II spent the greater part of his short life feuding with the Douglases. It's a fascinating period in Scottish history. This is the first of a few scenes in the conflict I hope to model. 

The King is with his herald, the March Pursuivant and standard bearer Sir John Scrymseor, Constable of Dundee*. In the background is Threave Castle as it is today, then the stronghold of the Black Douglases in the South West and the scene of their last stand in 1455.

* Please note that I am not entirely sure of the titles for James II's herald and standard bearer at this time. It's an educated guess based on the sources available to me. Please let me know if it's wrong!

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